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The term "hacker" is a term that carries different meanings in different contexts. But generally the term is used to describe people who gain unauthorized access to computer systems or networks or test computer security. Here are the different definitions of the term "hacker" in this context:

White Hat Hacker:

They are people who are considered ethical and work to increase computer security.
They operate for purposes such as detecting and closing system vulnerabilities, testing security measures and developing defense strategies.
Black Hat Hacker (Black Hat Hacker):

They are people who commit crimes and attack computer systems for purposes such as hacking and stealing data.
They may engage in illegal activities and such hackers can often face legal problems.
Gray Hat Hacker:

They are people who display characteristics of both white hat and black hat hackers.
They are often people who engage in activities that are not unethical but may still be considered illegal.

They are hackers who act for political, social or ideological reasons.
They may operate to test the system for weak points and to inform the public about a particular issue.
Script Kiddie:

They are generally people who do not have deep knowledge of computer programming or security and carry out attacks using ready-made software.
These types of hackers generally do not have the ability to carry out large-scale attacks because they have limited knowledge.
While the term hacker generally defines people who gain unauthorized access to computer systems, these people are divided into different subcategories according to their motivations, goals and ethical status. Well-intentioned and ethical hackers can work to increase computer security and close system vulnerabilities. However, malicious hackers can engage in criminal activities and this is considered illegal.