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Google Maps is a mapping service developed by Google that allows users around the world to access local map information, get driving directions, and explore various places. This service can be accessed via a web browser or mobile app and allows users to navigate the map, create bookmarks, share information and access a variety of location-based services.

Key features of Google Maps include:

Directions and Navigation: Google Maps provides users with directions on how to get from one particular location to another via the fastest or shortest route. It also has features such as live traffic status, alternative route options and GPS-based voice navigation.

Local Businesses and Destinations: Users can use Google Maps to find restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, parks, and a variety of other businesses around them. Details such as basic information about businesses, user comments and photos can be viewed on the map.

Map Viewing and Exploration: Google Maps allows users to explore maps around the world and explore different locations. Through layers on the map, users can explore a variety of viewing options such as roads, street views, satellite images, and 3D building models.

Offline Mapping: For those traveling without internet access, Google Maps offers the ability to download and use a specific area offline. In this way, users can access maps and directions without an internet connection.

Bookmarks and Personal Maps: Users can mark places they have visited or want to visit, create personal lists, and share these lists with other users. This is useful for planning trips or organizing places based on interests.

Google Maps is widely used by a wide range of users on mobile devices. However, there is also some controversy regarding the service's privacy and data security issues. Therefore, users should check their privacy settings before using the service and configure them to suit their personal preferences.